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Why Are We Short of Nurses?

nurseThere is an outcry in the United States that we’re facing an urgent nurse deficit that threatens the safety of individual patients and the nation’s health as a whole. Consider arguments from two Times editorials. “The nationwide shortage of nurses is likely to reach crisis proportions…. There is not much chance for permanent relief until the nursing profession is made more attractive to young people through better salaries, working conditions and public recognition,” one reads. In another, titled “We Need More Nurses,” Alexandra Robbins warns of dire consequences in the absence of a larger nursing workforce: “The more patients assigned to a nurse, the higher the patients’ risk of death, infections, complications, falls, failure-to-rescue rates and readmission to the hospital—and the longer their hospital stay.”

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A Health Insurance “Bubble” — Are We There Yet?

Is there an insurance “bubble” similar to the disastrous one the country endured in the housing industry, but with a different outcome? There will be no government bailout for citizens who have no money to pay for rising insurance premiums.

Note: At the end of this blog post, I have included a web resource for finding out how much hospital procedures actually cost.”

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