Tips to avoid health care fraud from FBI-Expert, Jennifer Leonard:

  • Be cautious with your Medicare card. Never give the number to strangers over the phone.
  • Together with you, your personal physician should make your health care decisions but you should have the last word.
  • Be suspicious if a doctor you never met prescribe some medicine, service for home care/home health care or supply for you.
  • Medical suppliers who contact you out of the blue. Reliable, legitimate companies don’t do this.
  • Offers for free medicine or medical equipment are probably a scam.
  • Review all your statements and call the number on your statement if something is suspicious for you.
  • Report fraudulent activities to: or by phone:

800-Medicare (800-633-4227 or 877-468-2048 (TTY line).
Department of Health and Human Services has hotline: 800-HHS-Tips   (800-447-8477)
or TTY 800-377-4950.

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