Here are some endorsements from caregivers.

What  Caregivers Say About Ruth…

The voice of a caregiver:

“What has impressed me the most about working with you is the great care you provide to your clients. Your level of experience and compassion for others is evident as you maintain the highest standards in overseeing your patients care but you do not forget the well-being of us caregivers.

I am very thankful for all that I have learned from you and as a result – after so many years of care giving – I have become a better caregiver. It has felt so good knowing you are there whenever I needed you, day and night, taking care of “our Clients.”
—Lisa G. — Longtime caregiver who has been working with Ruth Martin Home Care.

The voices of clients and /or family members

“I just can’t thank you enough for taking such great care of my Mom and Dad for over a year. They never had to worry about scheduling or supplies and you were so good at setting up the house and organizing every convenience for my Mom after her stroke. You really cared personally about my parents-that has been wonderful for all of us…”
—Sally & Bill, Children of client

“Ruth, our family is so grateful for the care you provided for F. We can never thank you enough.”
—Larry, family member of client

“Yesterday was the first day since F. passing and it feels weird walking into the house. I want to thank you making her passing as comfortable as possible. Aunt F. felt blessed having you on her side, and I did as well.

I can only hope that when it is my turn to move on, someone like you will be by my side. You have a gift and I hope as many people as possible can benefit from it.”
—Matt, Nephew of client

Coworker’s voice:

“I found her to be extremely efficient in her work, with exceptional organizational skills, true compassion and concern for the Elders in our care, and highly knowledgeable of innovations and progress in Senior Living. Ruth has a wonderful rapport with the Residents, their families, and was thorough and honest with her representation of our community. Ruth is a dedicated and responsible worker whom I have come to know as a friend. I would highly recommend her without hesitation…”
—Nita Scott, hired and worked together with Ruth in an assisted living facility

What People Say…

Ruth demonstrated herself to be an intelligent and strongly self motivated individual . . . also a warm and wonderful human being. She is thoughtful, kind, generous with her time and energy, and sensitive to the needs of those around her. She has a gift for working with people. I feel confident that she will be successful in whatever she undertakes and I recommend her to you without reservation. She is truly a woman of infinite talents. I am infinitely glad that I’ve had a chance to know Ruth and that we all have the opportunity . . . to benefit from her positive spirit, creativity and goodwill.
— Peggy Miles, Santa Cruz

Ruth has complete knowledge in all phases of Adult/Elder Care, is very energetic and very trustworthy. All in all she is an outstanding person.
— Charles Whitt, Retiree, Santa Cruz

Ruth Martin brings integrity, leadership ability, orientation to service and her health-care background to her concept of caring for the elderly and people in need with her home care service.
— Elizabeth Quinn, M.S., D.C.

You have a gift, and I hope as many people as possible benefit from it. Thank you for everything you have done.”
— Matt and Julie, San Francisco